A characteristic feature of the Decor is its contemporary design. Its well-crafted construction shows off the breathtaking play of the flames to its best advantage.

The Decor comes in three standard models, but can also be made to measure. The unit can be built in, or be placed in an existing opening, as long as the convection channels can be connected. The Décor’s standard finish is a 5 mm ‘etire’ (stretch) frame. This gives the unit a touch of extra class. But you can, of course, always choose a wider frame, and even a bespoke model.

In addition to a perfect finish, Jide also represents extremely sound technology. The Decor has a fan that sucks air in from the room; this air is then heated and sent back into the room. Furthermore, thanks to an integrated clean-glass system, the Decor requires hardly any maintenance.

As a heating device and atmosphere creator, the Decor is an absolute asset for your interior.

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