Piazzetta MA 272 SL


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Piazzetta are renowned for their stunning fireplace designs, advanced technologies and outstanding craftsmanship. Based in the beautiful medieval village of Asolo, just one hour from Venice, workers still employ their master craftsman’s skills to produce handmade contemporary fireplaces with special finishes that characterise Piazzetta’s unique range of products. Browse through our range of Piazzetta handmade Italian fireplaces for a stunning modern fireplace design in a variety of materials and finishes such as carved marble, enamelled steel and ceramic.




Room heating capacity (min-max) m3 200 – 345
Nominal thermal efficiency % < 70
Rated heat output kW 12
Consumption at rated heat output Kg/h 4,5
Maximum heat output kW 13
Maximum consumption Kg/h 5,3
Flue outlet Ø cm 25
Flue up to 4,5 mt Ø cm 30
Flue over 4,5 mt Ø cm 25
Fresh air intake (recomm. min sect.) cm2 300
Weight Kg 295